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You can reach us at:
Av. Santa Fe 1339 1° Piso
C1059ABH – Ciudad de Buenos Aires
+54.11. 4815.6888 / 4813.6117

MARTEAU Attorneys At Law has its offices in the Commune 1, precisely in the District of Retiro, denomination with which it is recognized this Buenos Aires area since the beginning of the 18th century.

Its name comes from the House of Retirement, built at the beginning of that century at the intersection of the current Arenales and Maipú streets, by the governor Agustín de Robles, very close to the hermitage of San Sebastián, already existing in 1608, where they practiced Spiritual retreats (Source: CECOM).

As a reference, in front of the office is the well-known San Nicolás de Bari Church. Strategically located, from this point you can quickly reach Downtown, the Courthouse, the Courts of Comodoro Py, the National Congress, and the offices of the main regulatory bodies.

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